Occupational pension provision

The consulting and installation as well as the ongoing monitoring of occupational pension systems requires, in high-quality consulting, technical, legal and organisational effort and thus ties up company resources.

Kenston Services Ltd therefore enables the coordination and guarantee of a holistic consulting process within the framework of occupational pension provision – including integrated comprehensive legal security – for companies from all sectors, from small “one-man limited liability companies” to listed DAX companies.

The conflation of the service components of Kenston Services Ltd with the individual needs of the companies and the substantively possible content adaptation of the technology, in this respect creates innovation and uniqueness. In this context, legal advice and other consulting services subject to licensing are provided by authorized service providers or law firms.

In this context, Kenston Services Ltd, as an independent service and processing partner of the company pension scheme, assumes the coordination of all relevant activities and provides you as an employer or consultant with an all-encompassing and legally compliant occupational pension scheme back office.

Kenston Services Ltd thus guarantees responsible employers and consultants a high level of competence, professionalism, standardised processes and the outsourcing of liability.

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