Kenston Services Ltd acts as an independent service and liquidation company for all areas of company pension schemes and time value account systems.
Kenston Services Ltd enables high-quality consulting through standardization and automation. By intelligent outsourcing the costs can be lowered and at the same time the adhesion for advisors and employers be minimized.
The combination of KENSTON solutions with the individual needs of consultants and companies as well as the possible adaptation of the technology in terms of content results in innovation and uniqueness.
Managing Director of Kenston Services Ltd is Sebastian Uckermann. At the same time Mr. Uckermann, in his function as a court-approved pension consultant for company pension schemes, is head of the KENSTON GROUP, “Chairman of the Federal Association of Legal Advisors for Company Pension Plans and Time Value Accounts”, as well as author of numerous practical and scientific specialist publications in the field of company pension schemes and time value accounts. In addition, Mr. Uckermann is the editor and author of a standard commentary on company pension schemes published by Beck publishing house.