Through cooperation with Kenston Services Ltd within the framework of the new arrangement and ongoing support of pension commitments for company pension benefits for employees from all corporate sectors as well as for managing directors and executive board members of corporations, consultants and employers benefit from the following unique selling points:

  • Transfer of all liability-relevant and legal advisory activities to the authorised service providers of Kenston Services GmbH.
  • Through outsourcing to Kenston Services GmbH, there is no time-consuming familiarisation with the interdisciplinary tasks of occupational pension provision, so that the focus can continue to be exclusively on the usual core service.
  • Annual ongoing support and legal maintenance of the processed or established pension commitments by Kenston Services Ltd and the associated authorised service providers. This gives consultants and employers the assurance that all liability-relevant consulting processes will continue to be outsourced in the future in order to avoid liability.

Indispensable ongoing legal support

In connection with the annual, ongoing support, the respective pension scheme of the company pension scheme is always adjusted to the current legal status if required, so that the employer keeps its internal measures for the provision and holding available of the company pension scheme annually up to date with the current legal status or case law. In addition, Kenston Services Ltd and the affiliated legal consulting companies also check the legal up-to-dateness of any additional company pension measures that may be in place.

Further information on the legal consulting companies cooperating with us can be found at In this context, an independent client relationship must then be entered into between the respective client and the legal consulting company involved.